What is e-Learning?
e-Learning is using the Internet for learning. All it requires is an Internet connection and a Web browser, which enable people to learn at any time or place.It is a new style of learning in which students are not required to attend scheduled classes. It consists of a virtual learning environment on the web. You will however be able to ask questions through classrooms which will be determine in advance.This means that you can study anywhere like your home or an office at any time, and although there may be deadlines to meet, you will be able to study at your own speed. As all the material will be available to you, you will also be able to go through difficult parts of the course a number of times if you did not fully understand them the first time.

Why learn via e-Learning?
It encourages students to be more creative Students have the flexibility to access unit notes, chat room discussions and communicate with the facilitators at times which are most convenient to them.This flexibility makes it an ideal education option for people with work or personal commitments which make it difficult to attend a traditional classroom-type course. It is for example, ideal for those who work shift hours and who always seem to be sleeping when others have the chance to attend college. It is also a good option for people who cannot afford either the time or the money to travel abroad for their education.

What is the difference between online programmes and those conducted in a class?
Both programmes are quite similar except that the mode of delivery is different. For the online learning mode, everything will be conducted through the web. This includes 'attending classes' through web chat sessions, accessing module notes and even interacting with facilitators online.

Is e-Learning For Me?
e-Learning is for practically everyone. You can be a working professional who wants to refresh or update your IT skills, a student who wishes to pursue higher education, or an unemployed person who would like to study at your own pace from home. Just about anyone can tap into the power of the Internet to fulfil his learning needs.

How do I benefit from e-Learning?
e-Learning is a training solution that is cost-effective, convenient to access and consistent in quality. You can enjoy the flexibility of attending classes around your personal or work schedules, whether your goal is professional advancement, personal enrichment or earning transferable degree credits.Online courses are an exceptionally accessible, flexible resource that gives the same high-quality instruction and course content that you demand, but without the day-to-day obstacles that prevent so many of us from pursuing our opportunities. In addition, each individual’s learning progress can be monitored and fed back to you for self-evaluation. In other words, this learner-centred methodology empowers you to manage your own learning experience, making it dynamic, personal and scaleable according to your needs.

What are the advantages of e-Learning?

  • There is no need to waste time travelling to classroom lectures.
  • You can network and have discussions with lecturers and students located around the world.
  • You have the advantage of a flexible study schedule to suit your own needs.
  • There is consistent quality in the delivery of the course which does not vary from instructor to instructor.
  • On-line study encourages you to be more inquisitive, innovative and widens your access to new collaborative technologies, keeping you up-to-date with computer technology.
  • There is an on-line Evaluation Form at the end of each term for you to give immediate feedback on the programme.

How Does e-Learning Work?
You will be supported by online course materials, live chat classrooms, email and downloadable course, related documents that create a rich learning experience for you.As you receive your courseware via the Web, it allows you to work one-on-one without the constraints of a fixed time schedule or classroom location. You can go through the course materials as fast or as slow as you like, with full control and direction. This enables you, for instance, to review a topic as many times as you wish, or pick up the pace for topics you are already familiar with.
For each programme, an online facilitator who is an expert in the subject will be assigned to the course. He takes on the role of a lecturer as in a classroom setting and leads you through the learning process on a weekly basis. He interacts with you and other students via regular sessions and answers all questions posted in the discussions rooms.

Web-based Training is ideal for :

  • Professionals looking for a convenient way to refresh or update specific skills and knowledge.
  • Professionals who need to keep their certification status or credentials current by meeting certain skills criteria.
  • Adult learners who have the discipline to study at their own pace and who prefer to work independently.
  • Companies wishing to train large numbers of people within a short period of time, or a small number of people over an extended period of time.
  • Technical workers at different field, who need to enhance their positions.
    Groups which are geographically dispersed.